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in 2021, 2022 we became involved with the National Online Safety Platform as part of our whole school development plan post Covid, looking at the use of technology for teaching and learning and ensuring that our staff had high quality CPD and our children were taught well about how to keep themselves and others safe online. 

This year we have successfully completed a comprehensive online safety training programme demonstrating our commitment to keeping children and young people safe online.

Our school has received a National Online Safety Certified School Accreditation for its whole school community approach to protecting children in the online world.

National Online Safety is a multi-award winning digital training provider with extensive resources in online safety, developed in line with the Department of Education’s statutory requirements.

Its CPD accredited courses and educational resources support UK schools in educating the whole school community in online safety– including all senior leaders, teachers, all school staff and parents – on how to make the internet a safer place for children.

James Southworth, co-founder of National Online Safety, said: “Congratulations to everyone at Bretherton for becoming a National Online Safety Certified School. By completing our training programme, the school has shown its strong commitment to implementing an effective whole school approach to online safety.”

“It can be increasingly difficult for schools and parents to stay ahead of online threats and ensure both children and staff are safeguarded from potentially harmful and inappropriate online material. We arm schools with the knowledge they need to understand online dangers and react in the best way possible to any problems.”

Mrs Allchurch along side the school's leadership team and our nominated governor for online safety have worked hard to ensure high quality policy and provision at Bretherton. Through monitoring and moderation, we have measured the impact of the platform on both staff , children and parents and are delighted with everyone's involvement and increased knowledge.

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About National Online Safety
National Online Safety are a multi-award winning provider of CPD accredited courses and educational resources which help to support schools in their online safety provision. We equip school leaders, staff, parents and pupils with the knowledge they need to understand online dangers by adopting a ‘whole school approach’ towards online safety, with a belief that safeguarding children online does not stop at the school gates.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of online safeguarding for children and young people.  Our team are passionate and dedicated to delivering innovative and engaging content which can be accessed anywhere in the world, anytime, using any device. The highly responsive nature of the company means that we are constantly updating our training and learning materials to meet both changes in statutory and regulatory guidance released by the Department for Education.

Our Certified Schools Membership responds to current DfE statutory policy around online safety, including the revised ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ guidance, which came into effect in September 2021. The package includes award-winning online safety e-learning, resources and updates for the whole school community, including designated roles, teachers, non-teaching staff governors, pupils and parents/carers.

February 2022 we held our Online Safety Day assembly lead by Class 3 with involvement from each class and they reflected the changing platform of online use in children from keeping passwords safe, to online avatars and social media influencers and reputations. This was followed by a workshop for parents where we shared the platform and created a list of the future needs of parents to meet. 

Further information for parents:

Internet Safety is taught throughout the school and is one of the ways we keep ourselves safe.

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Acceptable Use Agreement

We take online safety very seriously and promote safe and secure use of digital technologies and the internet. Children receive regular lessons and assemblies about online safety. There is also a helpful page for parents under the 'parents' tab of this website. Here you will find advice and websites to help support a digitally safe home environment.

As part of our commitment to online safety, we ask all parents and pupils to adhere to our acceptable use agreement. This documents sets out to promote safe and secure use of digital technonlogies both in school and at home. All parents and pupils are ask to sign a copy of this document as part of their home / school agreement. A copy of this Acceptable Use Agreement can be found below.

Onlline safety day is always supported by our children, staff and parents. Some of the great advice brochures for parents can be found on the following webpages, including a digital resilience toolkit for parents.

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