Christian Basis

Hope is a word that we use a great deal in ordinary conversation and has consequently lost something of its power” I hope you can join me for lunch – The children hope that the school will be closed by snow tomorrow. At another and a much deeper level, hope is a universal human phenomenon which sustains people in times of great personal difficulty . People hope for peace in time of war; for food in time of famine; for justice in time of oppression and this hope can sustain them and give them energy. Where there is no hope society spirals downwards. For some people, hope is so strong that it inspires self-sacrifice to turn their hope into reality. Christians see their hope in God’s promise that love and goodness ultimately will (and already have) overcome all evil. This hope is manifested in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We should reflect on the following questions: How does the school promote a vision of a hopeful future? How does the school help children to understand that there is a chance of a new beginning and a fresh start in every situation? How does the school help the children to understand how they can play their part in creating a more sustainable environment and a better society? How does the school help pupils to understand how they are citizens of the world and that this citizenship brings challenges and responsibilities?

Example Bible Story

The Story of Simeon

Luke’s Gospel Chapter 2

There are Values Home Sheets from Imaginor. These are designed to complement the conversations we have in school and we trust will provide much food for thought and conversation. 

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