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Welcome to our Arts Council page. We are a group of Art enthusiasts, driving our passion through school! Every year we visit an exhibition and come back to Bretherton with an exciting project in mind for inspiring our peers. 

Our 2021/2022 Arts Council visited the immersive Van Gogh experience at Media City and recreated the sunflower room in our hall with over 200 artificial sunflowers and mirrors. We added music and sweet scents to offer a full 4D sensory experience.

Our 2022/2023 Arts Council attended the Art of Banksy exhibition in Salford and commissioned a Banksy of our own created by every pupil in our playground. Banksy is a favourite of the Arts Council for using art to raise awareness of injustice and discrimination in the world. See our blog for more information.

This year's Arts Council are looking to visit the Lowry in Manchester in January 2024 to delve deeper into an artist that Class 3 have been studying this term. Watch this space for our new and exciting interactive experience! 

Our Arts Councillors of 2023/2024 year are :


Grace Foster


My name is Grace Foster and I am in Year 6. My favourite artist is James Rizzi because he uses bold colours and his media is paint, which is my preferred media too. I love how he makes buildings look happpy or sad!  

 Louis Ashworth-Walker



I am Louis from Class 3. My favourite artists are Keith Haring and Banksy. I love Banksy's cool grafitti and it fascinates me how he manages to complete his work without being caught!

Noah Sterland



I am Noah Sterland and I'm in Year 4. My favourite artist is Bob Ross because he paints landscapes and I just love being outside. He is always very calm too. 

Emmie Hibbert


My name is Emmie and I'm in Class 4. My favourite artist is James Rizzi because I love his bold and colourful buildings and his themes of love and understanding.

Dexter Woodman


My name is Dexter and I'm in Year 6. My favourite artist, above all others, is Vincent Van Gogh and this is my favourite piece of his. I love his detail, including the light on the water in this image, and the depth of his colours.

Lottie Wrenall


My name is Lottie and I'm in Year 4. My favourite artist is Keith Haring because he puts lots of effort into his work and his colours stand out to me. His messages of love and togetherness inspire me.

Luca Livermore


My name is Luca Livermore and I am in Class 4, Year 6. My favourite artist is Banksy. I love how inspirational he is to other people and how he gets his message across without people seeing him do it! 

Emmi-Louise Lawrenson


I am Emmi-Louise and I am in Year 5. My favourite artist is Banksy because I like the cool messages in his grafitti. He really has made a difference with his art. 

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