British Values - Sound of Identity project 2017 2018

Archie, Jack and I are the Sound of Identity ambassadors. We came here last time and had a lot of fun and learnt lots. My favourite part was learning about marks and Spencer's and were it came from. At school we then led a school rap about a football team called the"The Dick, Kerr ladies".Because we are the ambassadors our goal is to teach the other pupils about what we did and the Christian values we learnt. Altogether it was a fantastic experience and we would love to share this with everyone! I would definitely recommend this to someone who loves History!

David who works at the archive told us that the oldest document was over 903 years old. 1000 years of history in the archive we visited today and we got to see where the information lived. He introduced us to some people of history- using the archives he told us about Henry vlll. The document he showed us had real gold on it. It was sent to a powerful family in Lancashire to prove they owned the land. It was made on parchment ( which is pig skin)

David told us that the project was commissioned by the Dof E as a link to history and British Values by creating it through songs and stories resulting being a British Values Ambassadors. 

This was a fantastic opportunity for Bretherton to lead this project through Lancashire and will be invited to teach other children. So not only will the work we have achieved be kept in the archives along side the documents from the past, we will be inspiring other children in Lancashire. 

Going down into the strong rooms, there are 8 of them, it was temperature controlled for humidity too so that it doesn't damage the documents. 

We learned that some things are worth tens of thousands of pounds and some nothing except for the fact they uniquely show us the history of different areas of Lancashire.

They have invited us to come back to look at all their documents for our school - how exciting . We must go back and see them!

As part of the project we created a folder of the great work the ambassadors did leading the whole school on British Values. What a great achievement. 

British value focus - all find out about heritage of their family and create a big scrap book. 

Our work will go down to the room were all the archives are kept and anyone will be able to look  at our work! It will be displayed in a catalogue and will be kept until the end of timeeeeeee!!!!!   

We can't wait to attend a teaching conference where we can share our ideas with other schools - Go Bretheton! 


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