Primary Science Quality Mark

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Primary Science Quality Mark 2023 -2026. Congratulations to Mrs Di Franco and her science ambassadors.

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In 2022 2023 we are to prgress towards the Primary Science Quality Mark. We are proud of our science offer at Bretherton and we have embarked on the award to celebrate our subject and ensure that we set up a development cycle for future improvements.

Our science curriculum is aligned with Developing Experts Scheme of work which has been personalised to Bretherton through links to other curriculum areas and local enrichments. The scheme matches our intention to promote science and STEM careers for all pupils and ensure that our pupils are high school ready in science by the end of year 6 through science lessons complete with presentations, interviews with experts, science experiments, songs and quizzes. We aim for pupils to revisit learning regularly, to commit knowledge and skills to long-term memory. We value the storytelling approach supported with science experiments as it ensure every learner has access to outstanding lesson content, fully mapped against the National Curriculum. Hands on and practical science experiments are designed to develop learners' understanding through a variance theory approach, enabling learners to explore each concept taught through a number of ways. 

So this year we will be working towards the PSQM:


  • Enables science subject leaders to develop and articulate a clear intent and aspirational vision for science. The process of achieving a PSQM raises the profile and quality of science across the whole school.
  • Supports subject leaders to effectively implement a curriculum for science that is informed by research evidence and best practice data. Working with an expert hub leader subject leaders evaluate current provision for science and put in place a development cycle that leads to sustained progress in science across the school.
  • Ensures strong and positive impact: Children make good progress, building and consolidating their knowledge and skills, developing positive attitudes about science and its value to their lives and globally. Teachers and children enjoy their science lessons.


What are the Primary Science Quality Marks?

There are three different Primary Science Quality Marks to ensure that all schools can achieve the accreditation. Primary Science Quality Marks are intended to be school appropriate, and provide a framework for improvement and development in leadership and provision, whatever the starting point.

The PSQM self-evaluation and development framework consists of 4 aims (5 for PSQM Outreach), identifying goals for:

  • science subject leadership
  • science teaching
  • science learning
  • wider opportunities

To achieve a Primary Science Quality Mark, schools submit evidence of the impact of a range of activities required to meet one of three sets of PSQM criteria that define the aims:

The criteria are differentiated for each Primary Science Quality Mark to ensure that there is appropriate challenge and development for all schools, whatever their starting point. Over 60% of schools begin with PSQM, but for some schools, where effective leadership is already embedded, the other quality marks provide the right development goals.


What is the PSQM Process?

Schools achieve a Primary Science Quality Mark following a rigorous process of self–evaluation.

Supported by compulsory CPD and expert mentoring the subject leader works with colleagues across the school to:

  • audit existing provision in science and agree appropriate quality mark to work towards
  • create and implement an action plan to develop all aspects of science teaching and learning
  • complete a reflective submission with key pieces of evidence to demonstrate the impact of science leadership in the school
  • the final submission is made online, via a bespoke PSQM Virtual Learning Environment

You can find out more from their website 

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