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Meeting 1/3/18 minutes.


  1. Website

Discussed content of website, effectiveness of communication through website, calendar and blogs.

Parents comments:

  • not really accessed. Need reminding – possible text to remind and prompt.
  • Calendar good if letters can be attached but reminders still needed on the newsletter
  • Like the look of it

School advised, app available to alert when things added for their child’s class.Option for arranging parents evening next year. Options for texting school and child’s teachers in future. Login not yet advised.

Actions: advise how to use on next newsletter

Show parents resources on parents evening/ assembly

  1. School dinners

Jill attended also.

  • Good that children can choose
  • School don’t want children choosing jacket potatoes every day.
  • Flavoured milk only as a treat once every 3 weeks.
  • Brown bread for toast in reception, and year 1 rolled out as choice for class 2
  • Comments on desserts/puddings that are available. Comments that to have cakes infrequently would be better than every day- no nutritious value.
  • Great food on offer
  • Lucky to have Jill making food from scratch
  • Vegetables to be given every time ( at least some)

Actions: children to be consulted regarding menus on Wednesday wishes and Friday favourites.

Jill and Alison to review menu choices eg change a pizza day to possible lasagne and other home made meals to be trialled

  1. Sporting fixtures

Any comments on opportunities, choice of children and access for all. No complaints – all content with provision

Question was asked about football coaching – Autumn term by cssp and summer staff and cssp.

  1. Homework

Parents liked the grid as offers more options for parents and children dependent on time available and child choice.

Some commented on spellings and would like to have a list of spellings to learn. School explained that often tests don’t impact on independent writing and that style of teaching spellings now is focus of spelling strategies intensive work over half term.

Agreed: Jayne agreed to review spellings to see if short list could be sent home to support parents and self testing even if no ‘test’ in school. Children could be encouraged to use in own work. To look at in Summer term

  1. Swimming

Issues relating to swimming was raised by two parents and discussed reasons behind the change and benefits to children. Enable enrichment ideas over next 2 years. Each class will get to expected standard and participate for minimum 2-3 terms according to needs of class. Any child needing more will be offered more.

Actions: Update parents regularly regarding changes and ensure children focus of decisions.

  1. Mission statement and values

Alison explained that right time to review mission statement to ensure fit for purpose for the future and that it represents us for the future. Staff worked on for full day and explained no expectation to change but even reaffirming with children , parents and staff and governors is important. Important all involved and understanding that not trimgh to change things – just ensure words are most appropriate eg caring – is that kindness, or another idea?

Began discussion of importance of values and felt was a real ‘ thinking ‘ topic.

Actions: Alison to create boards for parents in entrance hall / outside to gather parents views on what words sum up what they want / feel about Bretherton. Then look at what caring, learning, achieving, growing looks like.Children then consulted


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