Christian Values

At Bretherton Endowed, our community is based on core Christian values.  These values foster a positive learning environment, helping us make decisions about how we behave, create a stronger sense of community and improve our social and relationship skills.  They are a guide to how we live our lives, influencing our attitudes and actions, encouraging us all to take responsibility for our own learning and behaviour.  Sometimes when we are so busy in life we forget the values that are important.  Here at Bretherton Endowed our classes teach in depth a value each year so that our children are immersed in the value, where it can be seen in the bible and in Jesus' teachings and how this can support us in our lives today. These values for each year group have been chosen to support their personal development at that age but will not be the only time that they come across our Christian values.


Values coverage 2 year cycle in classes- class worship and in depth understanding and links


Cycle A 2022 2023

Cycle B  2023 2024

Class 1



Class 2



Class 3



Class 4



In addition, our worship will focus on one Christian value per half term to help us understand what living that value actually means and to help us to truly love, serve and grow together with Jesus.  This ensures that each of our values is never far away from our thoughts and actions. The values programme is run on a two year cycle.  There are six values per year with one to be introduced each half term. 

Our Programme provides a structure for children to actively involved in our worships, evaluate and develop them and become leaders of collective worship.

When someone in our school demonstrates that they are living by the Christian values, they have the opportunity to earn a ‘Bretherton value token'.  This token is placed in the relevant ‘Value Vase’ which forms part of the values display in the school entrance.  Once awarded a token the children will have this recorded in their diary.  They can work towards receiving bronze, silver and gold certificates.  

Our school uses a variety of resources as a basis for our Collective Worship. Resources including ‘ Values for Life’, resources provided and inspired by Blackburn Diocese and Imaginor 'Roots and Fruits’ to name a few.  These values are shared with children on a regular basis, and reinforced through our teaching. Most of these Values can be said to be ‘human values’ and inclusive for people with different or diverse faiths, and also for those with no faith. As a Church of England school, however, we have rooted these values in the Bible. We have established 8 values that are particularly important to members of our school family. Our chosen values and re- established alongside our mission statement rewrite in 2019 are listed below. Each page provides a small explanation about the Value, and a linked Bible story that illustrates the Value well and is particularly memorable for the children.


Values focus: 2 Year rolling programme

Year A 2022 2023

Half term Value Links to world religions Church links

Autumn 1 Responsibility Hinduism Sikhism Harvest – donations Mr Whaite’s charity links

Autumn 2 Advent/Thankfulness Islam Visit to church

Spring 1 Truthfulness/Justice General world faiths Make the change

Spring 2 Lent/Forgiveness Islam Easter

Summer 1 Pentecost/Perseverance Hinduism Experience Pentecost

Summer 2 Peace/Hope Judaism Buddhism Community focus


Year B 2023 2024

Half term Value Links to world religions Church links

Autumn 1 Friendship Sikhism Harvest – donations to food bank

Autumn 2 Advent/Humility Buddhism Experience Christmas

Spring 1 Generosity World Faith similarities Local causes

Spring 2 Lent/Compassion Islam Visit to church

Summer 1 Pentecost/Service Judaism Walking Day

Summer 2 Trust/Respect All Outside prayer day

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