Equality at Bretherton

Bretherton Endowed CE Primary School is committed to ensuring we adhere to the Equality Act 2010.

Full details can be found in our  Equality Policy and our Equality Action plan.

Purpose of the Policy:

On the 1st October 2010, the Equality Act 2010 replaced all existing equality legislation such as the Race Relations Act, Disability Discrimination Act and Sex Discrimination Act.

The Equality Act 2010 was introduced to ensure protection from discrimination, harassment and victimisation on the grounds of specific characteristics (referred to as protected characteristics). This means that schools cannot discriminate against pupils or treat them less favourably because of their sex (gender), race, disability, religion or belief, gender reassignment, sexual orientation or pregnancy or maternity.

The Act introduced requires all schools to comply with the Public Sector Equality Duty and two specific duties.

Public Sector Equality Duty requires us a school to:

Eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation Advance equality of opportunity between different groups

Foster good relations between different groups

The Two “specific duties” requires us to:

Publish information to show compliance with the Equality Duty

Publish Equality Objectives at least every 4 years which are specific and measurable

We recognise that these duties reflect international human rights standards as expressed in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities, and the Human Rights Act 1998.

Equality Statement:

Our Equality Statement is based on the principles above and aims to ensure that:

‘All pupils and members of staff at our School are provided with opportunities to fulfil their potential whatever their sex, race, colour ethnic or national origin, marital status, age, sexual orientation, disability or religious belief.’ 

We are totally committed to ensuring that equality is a fundamental part of our drive to improve and that all members of the Bretherton Endowed CE Primary School Community should expect the best…to be the best.’  

Our Equality Policy aims to demonstrate our compliance with the Public Sector Equality Duty.


In 2022 2023 we commenced the Linking Partnership, (https://www.theeducationpeople.org/our-expertise/equality-inclusion/schools-linking-the-linking-network/ )  a collaboration with two schools - English Martyrs and Balderstone CE Primary to celebrate diversity and learn about others and their lives and customs.  

In addition, Bretherton will continue to focus on our work on Diversity and Equality and will commence the Lancashire County Council Equality and Diversity Award. Over 12 month, we will audit and plan to maximise our children's knowledge and understanding of this important area.

The Lancashire Equality Mark is awarded to schools who have taken measures to embed Equality throughout their practice with the goal of enabling all pupils to thrive in a supportive learning community.  It has been developed by a working group in Lancashire and provides a clear framework to guide schools through the process of auditing, developing and consolidating good practice in different areas of Equality.  It builds on and extends the good practice of the Lancashire Race Equality Mark 

The Equality Mark comprises now comprises of six individual Equality Badges:

  • Race Equality Badge
  • Gender and Gender Variance Equality Badge
  • Disability Equality Badge
  • Socio-economic Equality Badge
  • Sexual Orientation Equality Badge
  • Religion and Belief Equality Badge


We have been awarded the Race and Religion and Belief Equality Badge on July 2023 and will be working towards the Gender and Disability badges next year.


2. Lancashire Race Equality Badge.jpg    4. Lancashire Religion & Belief Equality Badge.jpg

Our letter is attached but a summary is here:


Lancashire Equality Mark – Race Equality and Religion and Belief Equality Mark 
Thank you for inviting us to have a look at the fantastic work that is going on in your school. 
With special thanks to your pupils – for impressing us with their singing and signing skills 
and being so enthusiastic about the work they have covered in School. And also thanks 
to Pam and Brian for taking time out of their day to speak with us to tell us about their 
roles as Governor and Worship Lead, respectively. During the accreditation visit we were 
impressed with the way the whole School works to promote Equality. We have therefore 
decided to award your school the Race Equality and Religion and Belief Equality badges. 
We could see that promoting Equality is embedded in School and your curriculum. Your 
use of yearly events such as Faith Week, and texts such as The Windrush Child extend 
your pupils' understanding of the world around them. In your learning environment are 
displays which evidence the different religions and visits to places of worship that have 
taken place. It was inspiring to hear your pupils speak about these areas of Equality, with 
passion and understanding, and to learn that your pupils take an active role in these areas 
I particularly like the steps you have put in place to allow pupils, and all school staff to be 
aware of, and be able to report, any incidents or concerns - from staff training to creating 
a pupil online report button. Pupils are further supported in School by Peer Mediators, and 
Yr5 and Reception buddies.
I also appreciate the links School has made with the community, and wider communities. 
I am pleased to hear the children have enjoyed the School Linking this year and that they 
are looking forward to meeting their new friends again soon, when they visit School. Other 
examples include The Archbishop Challenge, Yr6 planning and cooking a meal for invited 
local guests and a High School Art project.
The certificates are attached for you to display in school along with logos you may use on 
your letterhead and school website. If you would like us to come in to school to present 
your certificate, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 
Yours faithfully
Sam Hoban and Zainab Sye

When a school achieves all six badges they will be awarded the Equality Mark. Schools determine their own pathway through the framework by identifying meaningful priorities that will make a difference in the area of equality in their school community and willsupport their wider development plans.  Schools can work at their own pace and they can choose from a range of packages of support to meet their individual requirements. 

We are an inclusive school and work hard to ensure there is equality of opportunity for all our children. Whilst this underpins all that we do, we do also have systems and events in place that highlight this value through the year.

A variety of Bible stories have been used in school to demonstrate our Christian Value of Equality.  These include:

The lost sheep – Luke 15

The Lost Coin – Luke 15

The Lost Son – Luke 15

Jesus and the Tax collector – Luke 19:1-10

Each year we celebrate Black History Month in October- each class will focus on a famous person from history and children will learn about the role of Equality and Prejudice in our past. 

In 2021 2022 we included a diversity project through Prags through Cultural Education where our children designed a piece of artwork that emphasised our inclusivity. Our brilliant canvas is displayed in our school hall. 

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