Year 6 Leavers afternoon

With a huge thank you to all staff and governors for supporting our celebration events today. Thanks to our amazing Year 6 and their families.

I will add a link to the videos later today but for now I have added the transcript of my speeches and thank you's below.

Well I’m sure that when we started Year 6, we couldn’t even imagine that this is how this school year would end. We could reflect on the things that we haven’t done or the things that have been different but today is a day to give thanks for what we have and what we have done.

So today we are here to celebrate our fantastic Year 6 and their families. I have very fond memories of the welcome that this class gave me when I arrived 4 years ago. As they entered the juniors, they showed even then a great zest for life and enthusiasm for learning.

So what a year they have had. Right from the very start, this Year 6 class have been AMAZING. They have packed a great deal into the first part of this year and have shown themselves thoughtful, brave, accepting of challenge, fun, curious, motivated, socially conscious, passionate speakers and communicators, hard workers, researchers but most of all able to take responsibility for their future and learning and most of all great fun.

If I was to list some of the things that they have achieved , I’d be here all day – but a few of them are:

  • Robinwood
  • Stockport Air Raid museum
  • Pupil voice groups
  • Sports leaders
  • Ethos mothers day assembly planning
  • Tarleton Production
  • Sports hall athletics
  • Table tennis champions
  • Maths in motion
  • Experience Christmas
  • Sewing club
  • Debt aware
  • Performing in the choir
  • Bikability


The one thing that runs through all of these events is our Christian Values. Year 6 have always displayed themselves as brilliant role models to all our children in school. They are always willing to speak to visitors, parents in school, create new roles in school such as welfare helpers ( which they did brilliantly), be role models in sport- showing a competitive edge with sportsmanlike qualities.

If I am to reflect on their great involvement in school life, being responsible role models for our younger children and their infectious positive attitudes, approach to life, friendships and each other, you may be excused for thinking they are one of my favourite group of children – well that would be telling!  I once said that they represent all that is good, providing hope and joy in our lives and having them back in school has cemented this. They are Amazing and we are here to celebrate them.

A celebration of their time at Bretherton, a celebration of their families involvement in our school and a celebration of who they are today. The Class of 2020.

All these videos will be shared with you before the end of the week to keep and share with other family members. We hope they will act as a record of happy times and good friends.

We will now celebrate and share some time together as our school family with our mini afternoon tea. After we have had some time together, I will call on the Year 6 to recreate their ‘hoodie photograph’ on the field and we will get on with the celebration and festivities.

If our year 6 children can come and collect their families treats and feel free to have a go at the puzzles on the tables as we create mew memories. Thak you to the Bretherton WI for their time and skills in baking for today.


As we near the end of our Leavers Celebration, I have a few thank you’s that I would like to share. Thank you to the Governors for spending time with us this afternoon and their hard work in steering our wonderful school into the successful and wonderful school it is. In particular Mr Berry, Mr Townley and Mr Hill for the marquee – there was a joke about how many Governors does it take to put up a marquee and the only thing I can say is that its def less than how many teachers it would take! Thank you to all the different adults who have taught you in the time at Bretherton. Sure many will have a favourite, others will remember the lessons that inspired you but most of all I hope you feel the love that they have had for you and their passion to help you be the best you can be. Take  a moment to remember that memorable lesson or that special person as they will stay with you until you’re as old as me!

Thank you to your parents for their tireless support. Being part of our PTFA- I am certain they have all taken part at some time or another but in particular Mrs Berry and Mrs Boucher. Our fabulous Event wouldn’t have happened without her and no one will forget Mrs Bouchers ‘ children’s cakes’ ( marshmellows) at the PTFA fairs. Thank you to you both for your help long  before I came. I know that the children have already said their thank you’s but from all of us …you’re amazing too.

To Rev Michael, Pasteor Les, rev Janet and Brian Whaite, thank you for your spiritual guidance and fun worships. You will have all left a piece of you in the hearts of this class.
A thank you too, to our Trustees as once the plan was hatched for the MUGA with this year 6 class, there was no way that I could disappoint them and so would like to thank them for their generous donation ( added to our lottery funding) that helped their dream become a reality – I’m sure that you’ll agree a great design in Bretherton blue!

Most of all to you, the class of 2020. You  must know that we are immensely proud of you, - we know that you will continue to SHINE. You represent all that is good, providing hope and joy in our lives. So lets celebrate by asking our Year 6 to reflect on what they have achieved and plan positively for the future. You will be able to show High School your great qualities, your learning and your knowledge of the world and your place within it.

You will have bright futures, happy and fulfilled lives because you recognise that you can make a difference. This is a celebration of you and let’s share your hopes and dreams today.  Oh and if I can have your autograph now …. Just so people believe me when I say that I knew you well.

Be kind, show love and be caring and continue to work hard for your dreams because that’s what WE do at Bretherton.

We would like to offer you a small token of our affection and care for your journey forward

Emily;Bea; Neo; Ben;Bill; Joseph; Rania; Harriet; Anna;Charlotte; Sam C; Sam B; Joshua; Archie; Abigail:

Thank you to Miss Gallagher for your beautiful cakes and Mrs carlyon for her fantastic organisation of these gifts.



 To our Year 6


So it’s always this time each year When I put my pen to paper

I’m not sure whether we’re getting it right But I know being outside makes it safer

Well this year’s year 6 – who could imagine - well what a year

We were in lockdown but now were back and couldn’t leave without a tear

Today is all about you and the brilliant people you’ve become

As you walk in a room, play sport or work hard – you shine bright like the sun

So Without further ado, still not sure where to start

Oh yes, it’s this class who’ve made an imprint in our heart


To Abi, our runner and singer and dancer, the weekend it transends

With her talents, kind heart and performance she’ll be on the West End


To Charlotte, who’s quiet and confident with a heart of warmth and beauty

I know it won’t be long before ,she’s on Match of the day, playing footie.


Joseph,  our Author and poet- a wordsmith and wonderful deep thinker

I wonder if through public speaking his future may end up at Westminster.


Sam Boucher is a kind young man, and we both love pandas in common

His creative flair and bright blond hair  will never be forgotten


Bill is a thoughtful, imaginative and creative artist who is full of fun

Being a super friend and tending horses, he’s busy until the day is done


Harriet is so caring, all children see that she is thoughtful and kind

An inner strength and new found voice will help her create new dreams in her mind


Anna is a lovely girl, full of fun and giggles, competitive with sporting prowess

She has clear sight on her future, working hard and practising to become our lioness


Rania our happy blackbelt, Spanish speaker who has a calm and thoughtful air

In her art work, she is talented and her design and colours are full of flair


Bea, when thinking of her talents - is it netball or public speaking out on top

No matter what she puts her mind to, she’ll always give it her best shot


A brilliant mathematician and hockey player and guitarist don’t you know

Emily’s got a great sense of humour and zest for life as she puts on a show


Ben is a quiet and thoughtful boy, who loves sport and has a great sense of fun

A fab  sense of humour and a table tennis  champion – every game I bet he’s won


Sam Christie has a lovely heart, a super scientist and avid runner up a Cumbrian fell

Presenting for all, the story of Eric Liddle a committed Christian he was proud to tell tell


Joshua taught me about technology, assembly powerpoint and digital leader – he’s great

His art ideas - hisanimal eye and way with colours , is something to celebrate


Archie was new to school, many a good friend and a great asset he has become.

Off to Priory he goes, to adventure new, our happy boy, he’s bound to have fun.                                                                                        


Neo has great hair, a heart of gold and really loves dogs and all animals too

He’s off to Hutton, but not with his wife Emily, spending time with him you’ll never be blue.


Mrs Smith has been your teacher, with Mrs Rowley by her side

They’ll watching you now with love in their hearts , all swollen up with pride.


So now you’ll leave Bretherton, your home and your childhood site

I feel so happy for you now, as you fly away as your futures look so bright.


As you walk out the gate, we hope you’ll come back and visit us soon someday

We’ll miss you all individually, off to different High Schools and all in a different way


We loved teaching you, laughing with you, encouraged your efforts and guiding you too

Learned with you, inspired you, cared for you and believed in you all the way through


So they’ve had a wedding, designed a MUGA, dissected a heart and decorated Christmas cakes

Enjoyed rounders, football, sports and every day  lunchtimes and breaks.


Remember the school trips, the zoo, theatre, Robinwood, and sports day on the grass

The enterprise, careers, faith, science, fitness weeks- how much you’re valued in your class


You’ve made it easy for teachers, the learning has helped you see

You can reach the stars, work really hard to be the best you can be


You are all unique and wonderful and sadly you’ll all be missed

So grab life and forever hold it tight , no opportunities to resist.

The thing that makes you wonderful and will shine through all you do

Is just remember your time at Bretherton and be proud that you are you


Thank you Year 6


Let’s now celebrate their unique sense of fun and infectious personalities. Those who were happy to take part have put together – the time of our lives.











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