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At Bretherton Endowed CE Primary School, our Christian ethos forms a vital part of everyday life. We believe that all our pupils should have the opportunity to develop a set of values they can use now and in the future. To ensure Christian Values are at the forefront of each pupil's mind, we formed an Ethos Group. Throughout the year, we have organised various experiences to enhance our Christian education. We hope you enjoy reading about them.

Our priorities this year are:

1) Leading worship, from idea, design, preparation, delivery and evaluation we want children to be at the centre of our collective worship.

2) Improve evaluation further by taking an active role in pupil, staff and visitor evaluation.

3) support the re affirmation of our school mission statement and values.

On Thursday 30/11 we went to find out more about the shoe box appeal.

Firstly we went to to an ice cream parlour, for all our hard work in Ethos. Next we went to the International aid trust in Much Hoole and looked around the ware house after dropping off around 30 shoeboxes which the school helped to make. In the ware house there were over 20,000 shoeboxes which had generously been given by schools from around the country. These shoeboxes will be sent to countries which sadly aren't as fortunate as us such as Moldova, Ukraine and Romania.During this time we were getting a tour of the whole ware house by a man named Allan Clegg. Thanks Allan! 👍 Allan is a volunteer like many others who helps the organisation of International aid trust. This is the process of which the shoe boxes go through. First the shoe boxes arrive at International aid trust then the volunteers crate them and take them to ware house. They check to see if their suitable then they sort them out into the different sections like toys, teenagers, baby's, household and girl and boy. Then they get wrapped in cling film and bin bags for protection and then they get put into a blue lorry which can hold around 14,000 shoe boxes and get taken to the different country's. Finally they get handed out to the people and the workers at the ware house begin the cycle again. Also the volunteers hand out blue tents which act as shelters for people who don't have homes. Over all we had a great time. Thanks Mrs Moxham for a great experience 👍 






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