On the 4th December class 4 went to the mosque  in Preston on  Fishergate. We learnt a lot of things about Muslims and how they worship and what they do .We arrived there at 10 o’clock,  firstly we went to the Muslim school where Muslim children go to after school at 5 o’clock up until 7 o clock to learn about  the Quran. The muslim children learn the pronunciation of the Arabic language and  they learn this up to year 8.Secondly, we went to the mosque, it didn’t look like we thought a mosque would look, after all it was literally a terraced house. When we went inside the mosque, we had to take our shoes off, just like we had to do at the Muslim school. This is because we were standing on holy ground . After we had taken our shoes off, we went inside but before we went to the worship area, he first showed us the washing area. The washing area is where Muslims  clean their  feet, hands, arms and legs; we could do the washing if we wanted to, most of us did. .After that we went  upstairs to where the congregation worship, it was different to our church as they had a special carpet on the floor which showed worshippers where to stand and sit when they prayed. There also were necklaces hanging on hooks which they use to pray  with .Over all we really enjoyed our experience at the mosque. By Libby and Toby

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