At Bretherton Endowed CE Primary School we:

  • Respect other people and God’s world (RESPECT)
  • Never give up, even when things are hard and face our fears (COURAGE)
  • Are proud of who we are and celebrate differences (HUMILITY)
  • Think that telling the truth is the right thing to do (TRUTHFULNESS)
  • Work hard so that we can be the best we can be (HOPE)
  • Are true friends (FRIENDSHIP)
  • Show kindness towards others (COMPASSION)
  • Give thanks for all we receive (THANKFULNESS)

Our core Christian values empower the school community with language, knowledge and understanding of values which underpin pupil’s achievement, pupil development, wellbeing and our entire decision making. The Christian faith and life and work of Jesus Christ are integral to all relationships between pupils, parents and colleagues and are woven into all aspects of school life. Taking time to reflect on day to day experiences, to develop individuals spiritual and moral awareness, to create a deeper understanding of Christian faith and its relevance and effect across all curricular teaching and learning is our mission.

The aim for excellent teaching and learning in Religious education at Bretherton Endowed is for pupils to: understand the Biblical roots of values; develop spiritually through exploring challenging issues; understand and respect difference and to see relationships within a Christian context.


The aims of Religious Education in Bretherton are:

  • To enable pupils to know about and understand Christianity as a living faith that influences the lives of people worldwide and as the religion that has most shaped British culture and heritage.
  • To enable pupils to know and understand about other major world religions and world views, their impact on society, culture and the wider world, enabling pupils to express ideas and insights.
  • To contribute to the development of pupils’ own spiritual/philosophical convictions, exploring and enriching their own beliefs and values.

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Great experiences

On the 4th December class 4 went to the mosque  in Preston on  Fishergate. We learnt a lot of things about Muslims and how they worship and what they do .We arrived there at 10 o’clock,  firstly we went to the Muslim school where Muslim children go to after school at 5 o’clock up until 7 o clock to learn about  the Quran. The muslim children learn the pronunciation of the Arabic language and  they learn this up to year 8.Secondly, we went to the mosque, it didn’t look like we thought a mosque would look, after all it was literally a terraced house. When we went inside the mosque, we had to take our shoes off, just like we had to do at the Muslim school. This is because we were standing on holy ground . After we had taken our shoes off, we went inside but before we went to the worship area, he first showed us the washing area. The washing area is where Muslims  clean their  feet, hands, arms and legs; we could do the washing if we wanted to, most of us did. .After that we went  upstairs to where the congregation worship, it was different to our church as they had a special carpet on the floor which showed worshippers where to stand and sit when they prayed. There also were necklaces hanging on hooks which they use to pray  with .Over all we really enjoyed our experience at the mosque. By Libby and Toby


On 15th January we had a visitor to talk to us about Judaism. He outlined the origins of the Old Testament books which were used to create the Torah. He explained that the Sabbath was Saturday for the  Jewish faith. We learned how important the Torah is and its content. It's about 40 meters long and contains no vowels or punctuation. It takes a year to write and is often learned by heart. 

Kippot their hat are routinely colourful. Tallit and teffilin prayer shawl and box.

A tztzit can be worn under their clothes. 

Jewish people are not allowed to shave - Orthodox Jews sometimes take this rule to end and don't shave beards or side burns. 

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