Our Wonderful World Faith Week

Lesson: Religious education

On 22nd January 2018, we held our World Faith Week, where we celebrated the diversity and richness of our world and the people within. We looked at key religions and their culture, beliefs, festivals and how their faith enriches their lives and life choices.

Have a look at our pictures and read some of the accounts below...we are sure that you will learn something and it will inspire us all to appreciate and celebrate the similarities and differences between us.


In Class 4 on Monday we discussed how beliefs can change during your life journey. We found out about John Newton, Malcolm x and Apostle Paul. Firstly we researched the significant experiences which led to the changes in their belief. Next We summarised their lives and created a game of snakes and ladders to show the changes in their life and the impact this had on their faith.

On Tuesday Mr Anwar, who is a Muslim shared his faith with us. It was amazing to learn so much and to see all of the similarities between Christianity and Islam. Looking at the sacred text and writing in Arabic was a highlight and finding out about the way Muslims pray was fascinating. It was a good opportunity to learn more about the 5 Pillars of Islam.


On Wednesday we wanted to know more about pilgrimage because it seems important in so many religions. We considered, what makes pilgrimage sacred and what happens on Hajj? We now feel that we know why and how Hajj is sacred for Muslims and are able to explain the impact Hajj makes on Muslims who make the journey.


Moreover we had plenty of fun when we started to find out about Sikhism, the dancing was great and learning about the symbolism, the different Gurus, The 5 K,s (Kanga, Kesh,Kara,Kirpan and Kachera ) and about the sacred text -GuruGranthSahib once again made us think about the similarities and differences between the faiths. I hope you enjoy the photographs and video

thank you to all our visitors who made our week WOW!

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