TARDIS - Enrich

As part of the TARDIS cluster we provide opportunities for our children which aims to enrich their lives and relationships. Within this strand this year, we are offering the following opportunites:

  • Maths in Motion - AGT maths opportunity to plan, design and build a race car using real life maths
  • Science enrichment through links with Tarleton Academy for year 5/6 
  • Public Speaking competition for UKS2 to perform and persuade. This year the topic is ' The greatest Olympian of all time!'
  • Sports quiz created by sports leaders in each school linked to this year's Olympic games in July
  • Reporters who have been chosen in Year 5 ( see our pupil voice area) who are reporting on both schol and cluster events. Learning what it is like to be a journalist and how to report both in written, digital and spoken form.

Additional opportunities are planned for each year depending on the focus and needs of the cluster of schools.

This year the focus has been communication, presentation and real life application of skills linked to possible careers in the future. 

Maths in Motion report Anna and Joshua Y6 Feb 2020

Maths in Motion Y6

Maths in Motion is where we are split into groups with children from other schools and we need to work together to create a Formula 1 car for a race on the Maths in Motion website. On the first week, by using a ruler and protractor, we had to measure the features on our race track, such as: Bends, Straights and The Special Feature - The Special Feature is like the normal features except you didn’t need to measure it and it was where you could go the fastest. Afterwards, you need to enter the information onto the group ChromBook. 

The next week we needed set Workshop Adjustments where you figure out the right percent of how fast you can go on certain features, e.g. if tight bend was on 89 out of 100 and max tight bend speed was 155km, you needed to find out 89% of 155 and that’s how fast our safe speed was for that feature.

We really enjoyed the practice as it help get it right when it mattered and having multiple chances gave everyone a chance to improve. It was great to use maths eg.percentage , angles, measurements and see the importance. 

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