School Focus 2021 2022

After experiencing an unprecidented year due to Covid-19, we have relected on our school's needs in both school development and as Covid catch up for our children and staff. 

We started 2020 with a school theme but it was overshadowed by Covid. It still feels as important today, so we will relaunch it as a focus for the 2021 2022 school year. The theme is

 ‘Hakuna Matata' which many of you who are familiar with the Lion King would recognise.  Hakuna Matata roughly translates to "there are no troubles" in Swahili and we will resume our whole school trip plans and lots of work linked to the themes within. It doesn’t mean that we have ‘no worries’ but as a school we will continue to teach children how to understand and manage their emotions, look at things within their control and those we cannot change and how we set goals and flourish as a result. So watch out for these themes emerging over the year.

Our whole school development plan looks:

  • To continue to foster and develop our children’s love of writing. To find their author’s voice and be able to confidently write to a variety of audiences, in a creative and technically accurate way.
  • To further develop our staff, families and children in the world of online safety through the National Online Safety platform. Through the use of CPD, lesson plans, parental app we hope to equip all our stakeholders with the knowledge, understanding and skills to thrive and be safe in our virtual world.
  • To embed further, our work on learning behaviours so that children leave Bretherton with all the tools to be self motivated, independent, learners who will succeed in their education and beyond.
  • To widen the reach of Bretherton to making connections with other schools in the UK and the world to extend our children’s appreciation of diversity and equality.
  • To foster the creative arts so that our children have the opportunity to see their talents in all aspects of school life. From drama, public speaking, debating, arts, design, and music by working towards the National Arts Mark, we aim to offer our children a diverse spectrum of opportunities to excel.

In addition to these areas, our staff as subject leaders are developing their roles further into being experts in their field despite the responsibility of having a number of subjects to lead. We aim to revive our pupil voice groups as this was a particular strength of school and our staff and children have missed the opportunity to inveract and plan collaboratively. 

We will also be reflecting on the Government document: The Reading Framework and looking at what we need to change and improve as a result of the recent research into early reading, phonics and reading through school. 



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