At Bretherton Endowed we approach History not just  by teaching facts, dates and historical events but by encouraging children to be History detectives.  By teaching History through a range of exciting and explorative ways, we foster genuine interest in the past. Using a wide range of resources, artefacts, experiences and visits allows us to enhance learning and children tell us how much they enjoy History lessons!  

Children have the opportunity to visit places of interest to further develop their understanding of the past and enjoy recreating and finding out how those lived. Throughout school, history enables children to understand what happenned in the past and how it shaped the world we live in today.



Areas of Focus for 2017 2018


* Pupils will access the EYFS and the National Curriculum through a revised cycle of themes.

* The local area will be used to develop knowledge and skills.

* Pupils’ progress will be monitored using KLIPS.

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