Covid - 19 return to school documents

Thank you for looking at our assessments for returning to school. If you have any questions, please contact me at school. Please have a read of our tips for preparing your child to return to school.

Top tips for preparing your child to return to school

Whether your child returns to school on June 1st, or at a later date, they may feel both excitement and apprehension. Like any change, parents can play a role in enabling the transition to be positive, by talking about what to expect and how they feel.

Here are some tips which may help:

Preparing for the return:

  • Talk about what to expect, discuss how school will look and feel different; what the new procedures are and why they are in place. Talk through their school day, so that they understand which door they will use to enter / leave the building; how they will eat, work and play in a ‘group’; how lunch will work; the importance of handwashing and how social distancing will be encouraged.
  • Give your child time to digest the information and ask any questions and share any worries. Offer reassurance to help settle their mind. The calmer and more positive you are, the more confident your child will be. You might also discuss what might help them feel more comfortable returning (support from you or us).
  • If only one of your children is returning, explain why that is and what it will mean for them. If their siblings are going to continue Remote Learning at home, it will be helpful for them to understand why their year groups are returning and how they are lucky to be going back first!
  • We are available to Zoom call children if you feel your child is feeling anxious.  Please don't hesitate to contact me should you require this.

When you collect your child from school:

  • Encourage your child to talk about their day in a tone which shows you expect a positive response. What did they do? What was the best bit? How did they find the new routines? Was there anything they found hard?
  • Listen attentively, ask open questions, empathise with how they feel.
  • If you feel that they may benefit from talking to Mrs Barratt, please contact the school office.

If your child is not returning to school at the same time as their year group:

  • There may be family and/or personal circumstances which mean that your child is not due to return to school at the same time as their year group. If this the case for your child, they may find it more difficult to be at home, if they know that friends are getting together at school. If this is the case for your child, they may benefit from understanding the reason why they are not going back; and being able to ask questions.
  • Ask your child what could make it easier for them, perhaps ensuring they connect with their friends on a more frequent basis. It will also be reassuring to explain that there will be a time when they can return, but until then you will do your best to help them stay in contact with their friends and continue to access education at home.


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